Beating the market

A Bachelor thesis project, in which we set out to create linear models who could make stock picks that would outperform the market. It grew into an Artificial Fund Manager when it was finally finished.

Bachelor AI

I finished my Bachelor of Science in Artificial Intelligence at the Radboud University Nijmegen. I have compiled a (organized) list of the courses I have taken.

Novo Builder

A tool which allows you to build a Linux distribution of your own, based on the Debian family. The build can be entirely customized and the tool will run it automatically.

Financial AI

Avidus was a personal project started out of my interest in both Finance and AI. The idea was that organizations could store knowledge they had about financial topics or companies and allow clients / employees to easily access this knowledge. Which would guide communication with clients and allow analysts to easily look up organization knowledge.

Pecunia Causa

I was part of the board of Pecunia Causa & Iuno Moneta for the academic year of 2013-2014. The page contains a list of some of the changes the board made during the year.


The robotics one team made the highest scoring robot of the University, for robotics two we came in second for the public's favorite prize with a Pacman robot game.

Online Courses

I have completed a variety of online courses which match my interests and ambitions. The courses are mostly related to Computer Science, AI, Economics, Finance / Business. All listed courses include a certificate / statement of accomplishement. asd