Bachelor AI

Below are some of the courses I have taken (and finished) to obtain my Bsc. from the Radboud University Nijmegen.


goalArtificial Intelligence courses:
Introduction to AI
Introduction to Human Machine interaction (Java)
Robotics 1 & Robotics 2 (Matlab)
AI: Search, Planning and Machine Learning (Java)
Neurocognitive Models (Neural Networks) (Matlab)
Introduction brain-computer interfacing
Knowledge representation and reasoning (Prolog, AILog)


Computer science courses:
 Programming (C++)
Object-Orientation (Java)
Data Mining
Functional Programming (Clean (Haskell))
Software Engineering (Java, JSP, SQL, Spring Framework)



Psychology courses:
Introduction to cognitive Psychology
Introduction to the brain
Psychology of Language
Introduction to behavior
Behavioral Psychlogy: Cognition, Attitude and Motivation


goal Math Courses:
Math 1A (Intr. probability theory & Intr. Calculus)
Math 1 (Linear Algebra)
Math 2 (Markov Chains, Entropy & Signal analyses)
Signal Analyses & Matlab
Statistics 1
Statistics 2


Logic (reasoning) courses:
Formal reasoning (Proposition Logic, Predicate Logic)
Claim & Proof
Computational and Formal modelling



Miscellaneous Courses:
Presentation skills
Philosophy of Cognitive sciences