Novo Builder

Glenn and I started this project out of dis-satisfaction with the out-of-the-box experience of the most popular Linux Distributions. We build many custom made distributions and to help ourselves we created a tool to get the job done mostly automated. Linux Distributions have come a long way since we started the project and after a few years it became apparent the tool we created simply wasn’t necessary anymore. The distributions had a out-of-the-box experience that was satisfactory to us. Still, I learned a lot of Linux because of this project. Lots of thanks and credits to Glenn Chugg for his help!



The program allowed you to build a Linux Distribution of your own from scratch. It inputted a set of configuration files which included things like the settings you wanted for the OS, the packages you wanted the OS to have installed and allowed overlays to basically add anything you would want, every build, automatically. You could also enter the OS on a virtual screen while you were building. To test out the OS or to make changes, which would then be stored and saved into the compiled OS.




The website for the builder is still online, you can view it by clicking on the icon to the left. The site includes a lot more Screenshots. Thanks to Glenn for the site!





In the newsgoal

The builder was featured on OMG Ubuntu! (And several other blogs) You can view the article by clicking the icon to the left.




A video demo can be viewed below: