Pecunia Causa

I was part of the board of Pecunia Causa & Iuno Moneta for the academic year of 2013-2014 (I’m the one to the left). Pecunia Causa is a student investment club. We manage a stock portfolio together, for fun and to learn from each other. Below are some of the contributions I have made to the club during my board year. It should be noted that much of the work below was done by the entire board, a team effort, so a lot of the credits should go to my two fellow board members: Tomas Durlinger and Paul Nijmeijer!


Responsibilities, a partial listgoal

Internal and external communications (PR-tasks shared with the Chairman)
Creating and distributing the notes of meetings
Preparing the meetings and inviting all members
Maintaining the members list
Maintain the social media precense
Manage and arrange excursions of the Club

Standard analysis  goal

The template for investment analysis was changed based on the presentation I had given on Volkswagen. The analysis during the board year and into the future are based on the analysis I had done. I’ve been investing since I turned 18, so I had quite some experience and knowledge about investing when I gave that presentation. The pdf of the presentation can be viewed by clicking on the presentation icon to the left.



Website goal

The website was changed, instead of manually editing HTML files through FTP, the site was build on top of  WordPress. The final product includes managing the calendar and activities of the club, a feed  of the Facebook page for news, contact form, user registration form and several other smaller features.




Stock market goal

During the board year Pecunia Causa went on its first trip to the Stock Exchange in Amsterdam. The contacts made there should allow Pecunia Causa to continue to visit the Stock Exchange in the future.




Investor of the month / year goal

Under our board the club instituted a Investor of the month and a Investor of the year. The goal was to increase the number of investment analysis given throughout the year. A goal which was successfully achieved, in part because of the investor of the month / year plan.




Virtual portfolio goal

The club instituted a virtual portfolio, right next to the real portfolio. This meant we could trade and invest as much as we wanted to, not being constraint by how much money we had at any time. I had put forward this idea during the job interview for the board. It has been quite a success, so successful that the virtual portfolio did better than the actual portfolio, missed opportunity.